George (Nungabana) Davis and Duncan Ray
Language Group
Mullunburra - part of Yidinji clan
'Rainforest sword and shield'
Place Depicted
The World Heritage listed Mullanburra Yidinji lands of the Mulgrave Valley and up onto the Atherton Tablelands, N Qld
Wood, resin, string, ochres, blood
83 x 42 x 10 cm

Heritage Statement

'George Davis (Nungabana) is a Mullunburra Yidinji Edler who is a living encyclopaedia on the Aboriginal culture of his tribal land - the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Area of the Mulgrave Valley and up onto the Atherton Tableland in north Queensland. George wants to pass his traditional knowledge on to younger people, and actively does so. Duncan Ray is a non-Indigenous historian and artist who has been recording the skills and techniques George uses to make traditional swords and shields. (Each tribe has different patterns). The men are good mates and are members of the Tableland Reconciliation Group. George and Duncan have worked together creating several swords and shields. George's shield pattern depicts the Bora ground. The diamonds represent different tribal groups surrounding the Bora ground. George says "These shield patterns are like European Coats of Arms and show who you are, and where you are from".'