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Maningrida Threads

Published Tuesday, March 4, 2003

The contemporary art form Maningrida is colourful, tactile and sophisticated. This exhibition at the MCA runs from March 6 to June 1.
Drawing from the Museum's collection of work by artists from Maningrida, in Australia's Northern Territory, Maningrida Threads opens on level 1 of the Museum on Thursday 6 March. The exhibition, which illustrates the significant role fibre plays in the art and life of artists from the Maningrida area, includes a selection of woven fish traps, drag nets, hunting bags, pandanus mats, dilly bags, string bags and baskets, as well as non-fibre pieces from the Collection. Exhibition curator and Artistic Director of Maningrida Arts and Culture, Apolline Kohen, supplements the exhibition with recent works such as etchings and figurative sculptures in fibre and cast metal, to illustrate the artistic evolution and innovations practised by artists from the area in the decade since the Maningrida Collection came to the MCA in 1994.

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