Questions for Art Students

Published Wednesday, January 2, 2002

Questions to Consider

1. By portraits I do not mean the outlines and the colouring of the human figure but the inside of the heart and mind of the man. Lord Chesterfield 1747. Examine this statement and discuss it in term of a critical analysis of art, particularly portrait painting.

2.Give an historical account of the Archibald Prize.
In your account you could consider: -

  • how styles may change through time
  • attitudes of the public may change
  • controversy generated by a decision

3. Explain how symbols, metaphors and allegories are used in art. By looking at the artists in ARN2 explain how a particular artists uses the figure to represent particular ideas and feelings.

4. View and compare the quick time videos of the artists Euan Macleod, Graeme Drendel and Deborah Klein.
Examine how these two three artists produce images in different styles employing different methods. Articulate the differing approaches to their part practice.

5. Flesh is the reason for the invention of painting.Willem De Kooning
The American Abstract-expressionist said this about figurative painting. It refers to the importance of the figure in art. Do you think the figure is an important subject in art? Explain why?

6. The depiction the human form is and has been an attempt to explore and articulate the human experiences found within the parameters of private and public existence.
Discuss in terms of the artist approach to artmaking and the dominant themes found.

7. Select one of the artists in ARN2 compare and contrast their treatment to the figure to another historical artists.

8. There are different genres concerning the figure such as: -

  • Self-portraiture
  • Historical portraits
  • The nude

Select one of these genres and develop a historical account in annotated diagrams and pictures.

9. Imagine you are the critic for a major public newspaper. Write a critical review on one of the artists as the basis of your writing you can concentrate on either the artist's: -

  • Response to artmaking
  • Acknowledgment to the history of art
  • Critical review of the subject matter used.

10. Give an account of the artmaking process of one of the artists?

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