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John Kelly's "3 Cows in a Pile" on site in London, August 05.

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Published Sunday, August 14, 2005

An update on John Kelly's latest project in London.
The central London skyline has been temporarily transformed this Sunday, August 7th, by the sight of three large two-ton bronze cows flying across the sky. The unlikely bovine trio make up the monumental sculpture Three Cows in a Pile, which is about to acquire a new temporary home at Goodenough College in WC1N. When constructed the sculpture will be over 20 feet high and 23 feet long. Each individual cow weighs two ton and is just over six foot high by seven foot long. The assembly process involves a large industrial crane which will carry the cows over buildings onto the sculpture’s new site.

The work by Australian sculptor John Kelly was last seen in Britain at the recent Glastonbury music festival. Situated on the Greenfields site above the main stage the sculpture became a landmark and popular meeting place for many of the 130-thousand who attended the festival. It's not the first unusual or exotic location for a John Kelly sculpture. His previous exhibits include Cow Up a Tree (which featured on the front page of ‘Liberation’ and in The Times) at the Les Champs de la Sculpture (1999) on the Champ des Champs-Elysees, Paris.

Assembling 3 Cows in a Pile by John Kelly

The public debut of Three Cows in a Pile was at the La Parade des Animaux, in the Casino Gardens in Monte Carlo in 2002. Both Cow Up a Tree and Three Cows in a Pile were cast at the famous Courbetin Foundry, Paris.

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