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Helen Eager's exhibition "New Directions" in Sydney at The Depot Gallery 2, October 2005.

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Published Friday, October 21, 2005

Helen Eager's work has gradually transformed from still life to a joyful and energetic exploration of abstracted objects that are jostling and beating with a bustling musical rhythm.

Three up three down is a good shape, says Helen Eager as she describes a group of drawings from her latest exhibition New Directions.

Eager, as always started this new body of work with drawings and as they grew Eager began grouping and expanding as she worked. When she had six works across and six high pinned up in her studio it was clear these drawings had stated their own authority.

Each drawing is composed of a string of triangular forms that combine to create a new shape within the bounds of the page. There is balance yet tension between the shapes, and the page, as positive and negative forms cohabit. The formation of sets of varying colours only adds to this, reaching a peak in the black and white sets, which dance from within.

These drawings have an organic feel despite their geometry and a lightness despite their strength. Each work seems to have grown and Eager has let her forms evolve as she draws while noticing what’s happening on the way. Like snowflakes each work is unique within the field.

A body of work like this reveals an experienced hand capable of rendering a clear vision and an artist at ease with herself. This new direction has reached a stage of accomplishment that is revealed in this exhibition but it is clear there is much more further down the road.

New Directions by Helen Eager

Helen Eager's exhibition can be seen @ the Depot Gallery 2 Danks Street Waterloo, Sydney, from Tues to Sat 11-5pm.

Press release from Utopia Art Sydney - contact the gallery for more information.

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