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Simon Terrill wins the $10,000 2005 KPMG Tutorship Award, in Melbourne.

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Published Friday, December 2, 2005

The winning entry by Simon Terrill is a photograph titled Footscray 2004. The strong artificial lighting, skyline and busy crowd scene combine to make this a very appealing image.

I first came across Simon Terrill’s work earlier this year when I visited the ANZ Visual Arts Fellowship Award at the ANZ HO in Collins Street, Melbourne. While he didn’t win that award, his work stood out and now, the same image has been awarded the 2005 KPMG Tutorship prize. Whilst it is an accessible image, with a multi-threaded narrative, it is eye catching in the same way that many crowd scenes seem to be, from Hieronymus Bosch to Arthur Boyd or Bill Henson.

A large theatrically staged scene set in Footscray looking across to the city of Melbourne complete with community life and curious onlookers is the subject of the winning entry of this years annual KPMG Tutorship Award at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

VCA masters student, Simon Terrill, was delighted to receive the $10,000 award that includes funding for valuable professional development as a teacher of art history and theory in the Bachelor of Fine Art at the VCA as well as payment for his piece Footscray 2004 (supported by the Footscray Arts Centre) which will be installed in KPMG’s newly refurbished reception in Melbourne.
Footscray 2004 by Simon Terrill

This award means I am able to further develop my teaching skills and in particular, experiment with techniques to make art history relevant to practising artists said Mr Terrill.

Mr Terrill is interested in examining the difference between groups of people and large crowds and the psychology behind them. His winning photograph is a constructed crowd scene on the banks of the Maribyrnong River in Footscray with the Melbourne skyline in the background.

KPMG Partner, Bernard Salt, said the photo, Footscray 2004, will be a perfect fit for KPMG’s new reception area.

Simon’s work provides a thought-provoking representation of the diverse communities that make up Melbourne. It will give our visitors a different perspective on Melbourne than simply as a business centre. The themes of the work are very apt for KPMG as a firm; we are interested in supporting the communities we live in. We look forward to displaying the work, said Mr Salt. Head of the VCA School of Art, Associate Professor Su Baker said: Simon is an outstanding choice for this award - he fulfils the challenging roles of not only being a talented emerging artist and postgraduate student but he also has the potential to be a committed and generous teacher. This generous tutorship from KPMG acknowledges and supports both these qualities and will allow Simon the support to explore and develop his talents.

The KPMG Tutorship is offered annually at the Victorian College of the Arts to post graduate students in the School of Art.

Simon Terrill’s exhibition 4Hz is currently showing at the Ocular Lab in Brunswick until 4 December 2005.

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From a VCA Press Release with a few notes by Martin Shub, 2005.

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