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Jonathan Jones wins the Xstrata Coal Emerging Indigenous Art Award at the QAG.

Published Thursday, April 20, 2006

He wins $30,000 for his work 'Lumination fall wall weave 2004/2006'.
The Award selection committee described Lumination fall wall weave as a beautifully crafted work, suggesting many possible readings. It reveals a sophisticated understanding of Indigenous arts practice today.

The selection committee considered emerging urban, regional and remote community-based Indigenous artists from throughout Australia, working across all media. The ten artists short-listed for the inaugural award in 2006 are: Roma Nyutjangka Butler (Irrunytju, WA), Lorraine Connelly-Northey (Swan Hill, VIC), Timothy Cook (Melville Island, NT), Nici Cumpston (Adelaide, SA), Emily Evans (Mornington Island, QLD), Mignonette Jamin (Kununurra, WA), Jonathan Jones (Sydney, NSW), Sally Gabori (Mornington Island, QLD), Raelene Kerinauia (Melville Island, NT) and Minnie Lumai (Kununurra, WA). For more information refer to the QAG web site. Sourced from the QAG press release.

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