'School Daze' wins Best Film in the 2006 Reelife Short Film Festival.

Published Friday, May 19, 2006

Sunday 14th May, the Dendy Newtown played official host to the 2006 Reelife Short Film Festival.
On show were 15 short films from filmmakers all under the age of 25. It was an evening where talent and imagination were the guests of honour, and age and experience played second fiddle. Undoubtedly Reelife is a festival dedicated to showcasing what film can really be when put into inspired and dedicated hands.

BEST FILM: School Daze
Filmmaker: James Hunter
3 min 30 sec of hand held camera work with a unique storytelling perspective. School Daze is a simple but extremely effective look at high school bullying from the viewpoint of the victim. The final shot would inspire any seasoned Director with its threatening clarity. 15 years old, still at school, James has vision and now a camera to go with it.

PRIZE: $5,000 worth of hire of film equipment from Panavision
Filmmakers: Matthew Fallon and Marisa Martin
A single shot in reverse slow motion lasting 4 mins. Retracing the steps of one life altering moment, Thursday is technically and emotionally brilliant.

BEST UNDER 18 FILM:The Bushman of Bunyip Billabong
PRIZE: One place in Sydney Film School’s Summer Course
Filmmakers: Cameron Edser and Michael Richards
Ingenious Claymation with an evil bushman, whistling Kookaburras, a mightily angry Bunyip and a great sing-a-long script. A fun and cheeky film with a strong environmental message which will get you singing and thinking!

PRIZE: $10,000 worth of hire from Premier Lighting
Filmmaker: James St John Cox
Sympathetic but never condescending, Dave is a look at the life of David Wilson, a local Newtown identity who sells the Big Issue on the streets of your town. Humanising the demons, Dave encourages us to include and accept those who live on the outskirts of life.

PRIZE: $300 worth of Metro Screen equipment hire and training courses
Filmmaker: Tresa Ponnor
Comical, endearing and sympathetic to its characters, Brown Trash is a fresh and fabulous look at just how wrong, and right family can be.

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