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John Nelson takes home $30000 as the winner of the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 2006

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Published Friday, August 18, 2006

Fascinating depictions of the natural world with an artistic bent.
On Friday 4 August the winners of the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 2006 were announced at the SA Museum.

John Nelson won the overall prize for his sculpture entitled Foreign Policy and took home a cheque for $30,000.

There were three winners in each of the three categories plus the overall winner. The ten winning artists were chosen from 112 finalists, to share the total prize purse of $85,000. Winners flew in from interstate as well as coming from SA.

The finalists, 42 in Category A Paintings, 35 in Category B Works on Paper and 35 in Category C Sculpture and Objects, will be displayed everyday at the South Australian Museum in the ETSA Utilities Gallery.

John Nelson - Foreign Policy
Claire Souter - Light and Shelter

For more information about the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize go to http://gallery.discoverymedia.com.au/artprizes.aspx?id=21

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