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Robert Salzer Foundation grants $300000 to the Public Galleries Association of Victoria.

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Published Thursday, August 24, 2006

The generous grant enables a number of our public galleries to make essential acquisitions for their permanent collections.
The Robert Salzer Foundation is a trust for the support of the arts, notably the performing arts. For the first time, the Foundation is supporting the visual arts with a grant of $300,000 to be administered by the Public Galleries Association of Victoria [PGAV].

Bob Salzer was born in Vienna in 1924, the son of a banker of that city and was brought up in a traditionally Viennese way to treasure the arts, particularly music, especially opera, and above all the opera of Richard Wagner. The advance of Nazism forced the departure of the Salzer family from Vienna. After living in both the UK and Kenya, in 1961 Bob and his wife Betty settled in Melbourne, where he was responsible for the construction of many substantial buildings, including city office towers, over a period of 30 years or more.

The PGAV is pleased to be involved in this wonderful initiative, says President, Simon Ambrose. Over the next three years these funds will enable a select number of galleries to add important works to their collections.

Lewis Morley - Christine Keeler

The acquisitions made during the first round of purchases are:

  • Gippsland Art Gallery - John Wolseley Mallee fence 2
  • Benalla Art Gallery - Tommy McRae One Tribe Defeated by the Other
  • Ballarat Fine Art Gallery - John Bulunbulun Bakarra
  • Swan Hill Regional Gallery Belinda Fox Mixed Messages
  • Monash Gallery of Art Lewis Morley Portrait of Christine Keeler
  • Geelong Gallery Eugene von Guerard View of Geelong

Eugene von Guerard - View of Geelong

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