'Play Now Act Now' competition information sessions.

Published Saturday, October 21, 2006

Information sessions for Play Now Act Now Creative Competition are being held across NSW during October & November.
Play Now Act Now invites local organisations to host an Information Session(s) for their community. These sessions provide young people with information about this important youth initiative and about responsible use of alcohol and other drugs.

Play Now Act Now recognises that young people do and will drink alcohol and use other drugs, and sets out to minimise the harms associated with this. Play Now Act Now is a creative competition that invites 16-25year olds in NSW to express their views and opinions on how alcohol and other drugs affects them and their lives. Participants have a chance to share $12,000 in cash prizes.

Hosting an information session is easy. You are provided with an Information Kit that covers all the issues and topics you need to discuss. The sessions cover healthy attitudes toward alcohol and other drugs usage, filmmaking, creative arts and Play Now Act Now. Ideally all information sessions are run for an hour and are open to the general public.

So if you are a community organisation that engages with these issues and would like a creative way of exploring these issues with young people contact Play Now Act Now:

Katrina Douglas Project Manager on 02 9361 5318 or k.douglas@metroscreen.org.au or check out the website www.playnowactnow.net.au.

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