Peter Daverington awarded $10,000 KPMG Tutorship Award

Published Wednesday, November 22, 2006

With this prize, KPMG is offering a fabulous prize supporting the work of emerging artists in Melbourne.

The annual $10,000 KPMG Tutorship Award at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) has been awarded to Masters student Peter Daverington for his painting Algorithmic — a complex and skillful work that conjures up images of the structures and aesthetics both of space in the computer screen and scientific speculations of space and time. (A low-resolution image is attached)

The $10, 000 award includes payment for the work Algorithmic which will be installed at KPMG’s Melbourne headquarters as well as funding for professional development as a teacher of art history and theory in the Studio Art program at the VCA.

KPMG partner, Bernard Salt, said the award was both an investment in Victorian youth as well as diversity for the firm’s employees.

Algorithmic is a powerful piece that prompts an emotional response. It is very different to anything we have purchased before and will be a valuable addition to our collection of promising and established Australian artists.

“Our relationship with the VCA has deepened over the past three years beyond the tutorship program. We have continued our relationship with last year’s winner Simon Terrill such that many of his works now grace our offices. We find this involvement in the local arts scene strikes a chord with our clients and employees,” said Mr Salt.

Head of the VCA School of Art, Associate Professor Su Baker said: “KPMG’s Tutorship Award is a unique and important sponsorship arrangement for the VCA and our artists.

“This tutorship will afford Peter the opportunity to develop his talents as a teacher as well as maintaining his practise as an artist in this crucial transition from art school to the precarious but exhilarating life of an artist,” she said.

Peter Daverington’s exhibition next exhibition opens on 29 November and runs until 23 December at 'Until Never' above the Misty Bar in Hosier Lane, Melbourne.

Algorithmic can be viewed in KPMG’s reception from 11 December 2006.

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