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Making Space in June - Melbourne's Artist Run Initiatives' program (2007)

Published Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Visit a few downtown ARIs this week and treat yourself to a great program of exhibitions that will 'do your head in'.

Psychic Connections (Angus Blackburn) @ Carni

Angus Blackburn
24 May - 7 Jun, opening 26 May 4-7pm

My previous performance at CARNI in 2006, M25, was the last in a series of works that started in 2000. The work began with an exploration of the early history of Melbourne. This research informed a series of performance/installations that used food, fragments of music, primitive home made projectors, video and repetitive movement. The new performance/installation, Hope Street, continues with the same elements and is informed by an area of Melbourne that I became familiar with at a particular time in the recent past.

Angus Blackburn has an Honours degree in Fine Art, Painting, from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a Master of Art in Performance studies from Victoria University and a Diploma of Education from the University of Melbourne.

Psychic Connections (domenico de clario) @ Carni

domenico de clario
9 Jun - 23 Jun, opens 9 Jun 4-7pm

The theme for the exhibition will be psychic connections, coinciding with 2007 being a number nine year. 9 artists working in the mediums of video, sound, performance or installaction will be invited to either present a pre-existing work which is informed by the theme or make a new work based around the project theme. The exhibition will be located within the CARAVAN art space.

The exhibition will comprise of a series of video, sound and performance works presented from mid-April to mid-June. In addition to the CARAVAN exhibition it is also envisaged that a connection be made with the CARNI events lounge and performance space linking the two spaces with the project's theme of psychic connections. A selection of sound artists, dj's and live electronic musicians will present their work as part of the project. The attending audience will have the opportunity to wandering through the CARNI art space sampling the works on offer.

Rules of Engagement @ West Space

Gabrielle de Vietri (Aus), Danius Kesminas (Aus), Azlan McLennan (Aus), Dane Mitchell (NZ), Patrick Pound (NZ), Antoine Prum (Lux). Curated by Mark Feary
25 May - 16 Jun opens 24 May 6-8pm

Rules of Engagement examines relationships and exchange within the art system. This exhibition delves beneath the façade of collegial relationships within the arts industry, a world seemingly oiled by the lubrication of mutual appreciation. The relationships, power structures and systems are stripped away to expose some of the antagonisms, tensions and reliances as integral to the contemporary artworld as the artistic development, community enhancement, and societal reflection.

KMOSSED @ Citylights

Rosie Kavanavoch
Citylights Centre Place Melbourne CBD
27 Apr - 27 Jul opens 27 Apr 6 - 8pm

What would your last words be? Who's sucking your wedding finger?
We are your friends, and you'll never be alone again! Kate! Kate! Kate! Louis Vuitton, Coco smells like Dolce Garcon. Rosie Kavanavoch investigates the My Space world of friends, and the public adoration and destruction of idols and muses. Blah, blah, blah, blah. A little flesh…a little history.

Loved to death, on the tear, living lives of passwords and rewards that defy your wildest imagination. Somehow defying constant predictions of glamorous demise, AND the rules that society and law impose on the rest of us. Sobering spectacles, stolen goods, noirs & blancos, twenty-cent bags of mixed lollies and the occasional spare change. A world where innocence is legal, Dolce divorces Gabana and collecting dead film stars is the common denominator.

Men We Love @ Platform

Therese Derrick
Degraves St Subway
28 May - 15 Jun, opens Friday 1 June 6-8pm

Solo painting show by portraitist Therese Derrick exploring male celebrities, comedians and sports stars. Derrick’s contemporary style celebrates popular culture and takes a fresh look at the faces we see every day. Exhibition to be opened by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne the Hon. John So.

Recent Work
Blythe Toll
Vitrine at Platform
Degraves St Subway
1 Jun - 31 Jun

Chris Beck
Majorca Building Cabinets
Cnr. Centre Place & Flinders Lane
1 Jun – 31 Jun

Geometric Installation
Phoebe Kalaitzis
Sample at Platform
Degraves St Subway
1 Jun – 31 Jun

Posted @ Yarra Sculpture Gallery

Natalie Billing, Martin Hodge, David Waters, Jen Stratmann, Nicola Harris, Stefan Gevers, Jason Waterhouse, Michelle Hamer, Julie Collins and Derek John, Louise Harper. Curated by Louise Harper.
6 Jun - 24 Jun
Ten sculptors are asked to create works that are limited in size and weight that can travel in a postpak and emerge from that box with fantastic sculptural possibilities.

Floats like a brick doesn't @ Bus

Kel Glaister, Tasmin Green, Ardi Gunawan, Carl Scrase
22 May - 9 Jun

Floats like a brick doesn’t takes a whimsical approach to the irresistible forces of gravity. This is a light show that supports a heavy subject. The four artists involved each have an idiosyncratic approach to found objects, propositional sculpture and video. Their aim is to temporarily suspend, or at least confuse, gravitational forces. The approach to gravity in this exhibition is both literal and allegorical. The gravity resisted in the show is that of potentially falling apples. But Floats like a brick doesn’t also forms an allegorical relationship to the larger problem of making, and placing works in context of the gallery which is subject to its own entropic forces. These are ironic statements where the objects become both a tool and a proxy for the artists and their relationship to inevitable factors.

There can be a somewhat melancholic relationship to gravity, as in Kel Glaister’s work. Her cynical manipulations of found objects engage the conditions of material relations to make a doomed but humorous attempt to somehow overcome Newton, paradox and physical expectations. Tamsin Green, however, takes a more baffling approach in her video works. The position of the viewer in relation to ordinary experiences and gravitational expectations becomes uncertain. This work traverses a space between the mundane experience of the kitchen tap and something else that suggests the psychological anxiety of water torture. Ardi Gunawan’s constructions disguise themselves as displaced events of hard rubbish day while engaging with conditions of photography and theatre. The appearance of the constructions positions the viewer as an invader in this freeze frame, a moment that is both uncanny and unhinged. In Scrase’s use of multiple objects the gravitational plane is multiplied. As such the entire world as becomes threatening in a way it wasn’t really before, while the viewer is simultaneously denied the viewer of any access to a posited space of protection. His reconfiguring of found objects into strange and almost social grouping has a sweetly paranoid ring to it.
Floats like a brick doesn’t is an exhibition built around approaches to gravity, entropy and other inevitable things. There is a shared whimsy in the use of materials, and ambiguous attitudes that range from the deeply cynical to the lovingly disastrous. In the end, we’re chained to the world and we all gotta pull.

Tiny Creatures Make Good Companions @ The Dolls House

Andy Miller & Doug Scott
29 May - 15 Jun, opens 29 May 6-8pm

We humans like to think that we can control things. However, other microscopic cultures have long been established in and around us. The total weight of these tiny creatures is equal to that of the entire human race. Just how much art they make per kilo, we have yet to comprehend.

Salt on Slugs @ 69 Smith Street

Sofi Basseghi
30 May - 17 June Open 29 May 6-8pm

Through photographs and video Salt on Slugs explores the changing face of traditional male and female associated domains. Apathy towards architectural sites is the outward manifestation of apathy towards a rich but dying culture of male and female traditions.

Hilda Aagaard @ Kings

Hilda Aagaard (Norway)
18 May - 9 Jun

Hilde Aagaard is based in Lillehammer, Norway. Her practice includes installation, photography, artists' books, performance and happenings, and examines issues of temporality, flux, memory and existence. She has exhibited at Ileana Tounta Centre of Contemporary Arts, Athens, and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Arts, Thessalonika, and holds a BFA from the School of Fine Arts, Oslo (1993) and a MFA from Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London (1999).

Hilde Aagaard is fascinated with the interplay of physical motion and emotional sensation and the relationship of both to the flux of nature. Her outdoor projects explore how we negotiate our culture of seeing (and listening to) artworks usually encountered in confined indoor spaces when we experience them in the boundless landscape. Her art, therefore, mediates between culture and nature and, in the case of the “Pubic Situations,” between the cultures and environments of different lands. Aagaard engages highly popular sites/sights that are frequented by large numbers of locals and foreigners, and which through her subtle, non-invasive intervention come to be enjoyed in a new way.

Ulf Langheinrich
Ulf Langheinrich (Germany / Austria)
18 May - 9 Jun
In 1991 Ulf Langheinrich and Kurt Hentschläger formed the Viennese multimedia duo Granular Synthesis, exhibiting their work in numerous international festivals and making large-scale projects including: Noisegate, Modell5 and Pol. Granular Synthesis have exhibited and performed at the Museum for applied Arts MAK Vienna, Museums of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Montreal and Seoul, the Stedelijk Museum, Kunstverein Hanover, ISEA Montreal, ICC Tokyo, Creative Time New York and the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2001.

Since 2003 Langheinrich has developed an imposing solo media output of interactive audio-visual installation and performance works. He states: 'Art could be approached as the art of creating resonant matrixes, the creation of sense triggering fields. Sensual density is the key to emotional power: dynamic range, size and dimension, resolution'. Sound and light abstracted and intensified world forms are carefully positioned in the Langheirich’s AV oeuvre in order to elicit phenomological sensory responses in the recipient. 'Abstract here is not about artificial objects. It is artificial matter, alien space, non-linear time: Nothingness in tension.' (Ulf Langheinrich)

Ocular Lab (Lizzy Newman) @ Ocular Lab

Lizzy Newman
9 Jun - 17 Jun

The work of Elizabeth Newman posits the materiality of things. The question of their signification, their capacity to signify, is implicit but secondary. These works seem oriented to the phenomenological experience of the body rather than to ‘the thinking person’. In this sense this exhibition is a show for everybody and for nobody in particular … for the human yet to come into being.

TCB (Mia Mala McDonald)

Mia Mala McDonald
6 Jun - 23 Jun, opens 6 Jun 6-8pm

Island Drawings
Andrew Atchison
6 Jun - 23 Jun, opens 6 Jun 6-8pm

The installation pits two video-constructs against one another. Experiences of high-density, domesticated ‘city space’ are contrasted against those of the untouched ‘wild space’. The installation will play on the notion of the ‘unheimlich’; suggesting discomfort, of the inhabitant’s perpetual displacement in their environment.

Sourced from a Press Release, May 2007

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