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Experimenta Playground - August 2007

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Published Sunday, August 5, 2007

Experimenta Playground brings some of the most significant artists in new media to Federation Square, Melbourne.
Experimenta Playground is a highly interactive exhibition that features media artwork from over 40 Australian and international artists, including video installations, interactive artworks and extreme art on screen.

A highlight of the exhibition, Shu Lea Cheang’s Baby Love will be shown for the first time in Australia. It will be installed in the forecourt of the Arts Centre’s BlackBox venue, giving Melbourne audiences the unique opportunity to ride in giant, brightly coloured teacups beside cloned plastic babies that croon and remix love songs.

Many of the artists featured are world-leading practitioners in their fields. Naoto Fukasawa, who designed Emergency Exit, is one of Japan’s most celebrated designers and has won numerous design awards in Europe and the United States. American based artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s work successfully bridges film and contemporary art practices. In their artwork Double Fantasy, tiny fantasies become big dreams when miniature realities take on cinematic proportions.

Throughout Experimenta Playground new media artists invite audiences to consider social behaviour, identity, real versus imagined, material versus immaterial and the role of play in life.

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Experimenta Playground draws together a collection of artworks that encourage playfulness, placing the audience in a central role in bringing the exhibition to life, said Liz Hughes, Curator.

The artworks reinvent old games and our known environment, push the boundaries of cinematic language and reveal narratives in the most unexpected places, continues Emma McRae, Co-Curator.

Three new installations were specifically commissioned by Experimenta for the exhibition. Immersion allows audiences to experience an underwater world and play with sea creatures. Charmed invites visitors to interrupt the inhabitants of a tabletop city and What’s Yours is Mine is a sculptural installation inspired by childhood mythology and art history.

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Australian artists featured include Shaun Gladwell, whose video art was selected for the current Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice, Daniel Crooks, Narinda Reeders, Jaki Middleton and David Lawrey and performance artist, Stelarc.

After its Melbourne premiere, the exhibition will embark on a national tour to galleries in cities and regional centres including Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Bendigo.

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Experimenta, Australia’s powerhouse of media art, has been delighting audiences in Australia and overseas for 21 years. Previous touring exhibitions, including Experimenta Vanishing Point and Experimenta House of Tomorrow, have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people nation wide. Visit the website http://www.experimenta.org/playground for information on artist and curator talks and screening programs at Federation Square.

Sourced from a Press Release, 2007.

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