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Published Monday, April 6, 2009

Put your opinion up front and centre in the E Festival of Ideas - April 2009
GOT OPINIONS? GET ‘EM OUT THERE! Journalists, Film Makers and Editors wanted!

If you're an innovative young media maker; or even just a loudmouth social commentator,and you want real life, actual media experience, the Vibewire e Festival of Ideas looking for YOU to help us cover the topics of our week long online conference from every angle!

The e festival of Ideas, run in conjunction with the National Innovation festival, is engaging some of the greatest thinkers of our time to chat with us about the issues that really matter – generational difference, politics, the economy, human rights and the effects of digital media.

Expand your portfolio!

If you've got time during April to write at least one article per week OR you’d like experience making vodcasts/podcasts, contact Rachel Beaney, e‐Festival of Ideas Project Coordinator, stating what topic area from above you're interested in writing about and why.

We are Vibewire

Vibewire is proud to present their six year running master recipe for young media makers and shapers; with the online conference that is the e‐Festival of Ideas ‐ kicking off in only one month!

Held in conjunction with the national Innovation Festival, Vibewire’s E Festival of Ideas is a one of a kind event from Vibewire; Australia’s leading youth organisation for young creatives and social commentators.

Vibewire’s online eConference will host some of the greatest thinkers of our time in conversation with young Australians about what really matters to them. Issues of generational difference, politics, the economy, human right and changing digital technologies will be discussed by leading politicians, practitioners and think-tanks in forums openly accessible to any young mind wanting to join the debate! Podcasts and vodcasts will also be presented by some of the most innovative up’n’coming minds of Generation Y. rachel.beaney@vibewire.org. Get inspired – get involved!

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