This is a database of Australian art exhibition catalogues published since 1 January 1990.


A catalogue is defined as a publication which contains a list of works in an exhibition. Exceptions are made for publications which include substantial textural or illustrative information, but which do not have a list of works.
All catalogues are indexed, regardless of size.
Information is based on catalogues received by the National Gallery of Australia Research Library. While every attempt is made to obtain catalogues for inclusion, it is acknowledged that the database is not complete.


Entry includes exhibition title, gallery name (for exhibitions shown at more than one venue, galleries are listed in chronological order), gallery location (suburb or town and state), inclusive dates of the exhibition, names of text authors or editors, and publication details (a list of abbreviations appears below). The name of the participating artist (or artists) is included. The names of up to 50 participating artists are listed individually. If there are more than 50, and the names can be counted, a figure is given eg. 147 artists. If names cannot be easily counted, or no artists are listed, GROUP is given.

Details are taken from the catalogue itself. This may mean that some details are incomplete, inaccurate or inconsistent (especially exhibition dates and the spelling of artists? names). A minimal amount of checking of other sources is done to complete, verify or standardise details.


Because there has been a change in the way database has been constructed, entries will display differently, depending on the date the data was entered. For entries added during the period 1990–1997, details of venues, exhibition dates, collation and notes will not display as individual fields, but will display together in the Notes field. For entries added after 1 January 1998 all fields will display as individual fields.


p.: pages
sheet/sheets: a single sheets/sheets of paper with printed matter on one or both sides
folded sheet: designed to be used in folded form
portfolio: a container for holding loose sheets, consisting of two covers usually joined together at the back
ill.: illustrations
ill.(some col.): some of the illustrations are coloured
col. ill.: coloured illustrations
chiefly ill.: catalogue consists wholly or predominantly of illustrations
chiefly ill.(some col.): catalogue consists wholly or predominantly of illustrations, some of which are coloured
chiefly col.ill.: catalogue consists wholly or predominantly of coloured illustrations
v. volume
biog.: biography
bibliog.: bibliography
port.: portrait
ISBN: International Standard Book Number
ISSN: International Standard Serial Number
pbk: paperback
hbk: hardback


As the database is based on the collection of the National Gallery of Australia Research Library, all catalogues are held by the Research Library. Catalogues of 10 pages or more are fully catalogued. Catalogues of less than 10 pages are filed in the Documentation Collection under artist (for single artist shows) or gallery (for group shows).


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A print version of the database entitled List of Australian art exhibition catalogues (ISSN 1322-8455) was published annually by the Arts Libraries Society /Australia and New Zealand (ARLIS/ANZ) from 1990-1997.

The database was compiled by John Thomson, formerly of the National Gallery of Australia Research Library. The compiler acknowledges the support and resources of the Library in the preparation of Australian Art Exhibition Catalogues.

For further information, suggestions or amendments contact:

National Gallery of Australia Research Library
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